Sunday 13 July 2014

Modellers block

I've had lots to do around the house and at work over the last few weeks so I haven't got much modelling done and I haven't felt much like it either. However I've been off work this past week and so amongst the decorating etc I have had a good tidy up in the garage and also done a bit of work on the big layout.

I finally got round to finishing off the woodwork round the back of Port Lucy which keeps the backscene boards in place and has a light on a pole. All much more solid.

Apart from that I've been trying out building arrangements for the town above the station. I need to make this as a separate module so that I can get the tram track and its associated auto reversing module installed and working. It looks like I need some low relief buildings to go behind the station building and perhaps some other buildings to hide the right hand end of the tram line where the tram hides while waiting to reverse.

Another thing I've done during the great tidy up is to clear all the cack of my workbench so it is usable again. To prove that, I got out my weathering box which has a variety of weathering powders and pastels in it. My two newest locos got subtly weathered. Nettie and Lucy (MK2). I also added a little age to the two VoR bash coaches.

Over a few evenings I've also painted the new loco shed for Port Lucy. It looks quite good, needs a few details like oil cans and maybe a noticeboard but otherwise its done.

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