Friday, 18 July 2014

Fade to grey

I plumped for the grey Brigadelok as it looks the smartest to my mind. Shame it will probably end up black and grubby.

I've now had a chance to do some testing of the beastie and had no problems with the rear overhang on my curves with either short wagons as seen above or with a rake of passenger coaches.

She easily sailed up the big hill with theses three coaches which is as much as will ever be needed. It won't usually be a passenger loco anyway. I can report that the running is as smooth as the other new Minitrains locos which is gratifyingly slow and smooth.


The new building arrived from Ireland and will be the perfect view blocker for the tram.

Since I took this picture I've also had the 'Caledonian Hotel' arrive which is another scenecraft building but this time in low relief. With a bit of a re jig I think I've now got all the Port Lucy buildings, some need painting and detailing but otherwise its good to start work on the town in earnest.

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