Saturday, 18 October 2014

Up the hill

I decided to move up the hill to St Ruth and do some work on the station throat. My original intention had been to mount the point motors under the baseboard to keep the clutter down. However when I tried to fit them I realised that I have made it too hard to do by building the lower level, so... I've mounted them above board and built a hillock to hide them, I think it works ok.

There is also a new building on the platform. I bought it for the test track but realised that it is just the right thing for a waiting room at the new end. I forgot to take a picture of it in place, its just to the left of where the picture runs out.

Its one of these

The retaining wall opposite the outer starter, which you can see as some grey bits of stuff has been 
sorted out tonight. It is Preiser walling which fits together only vaguely so I glued and filled it and have given it a brown base coat and then washed it with black and pale grey, looks ok for now.

Not a piece of meat but the wall in question

It doesn't look like I did much yesterday but wiring the point motors in wasn't the whole story. When I had been going to mount the motors sub board I chopped the points including the end of the tie rod so I had to take out both points and the surrounding tracks to replace the modified unit. It all went OK but these things take time and somehow the rails leading to the points needed about 1mm removing from them too.

Really what I need to do next is grasp the nettle and get all the dangly wires shoved into a box with switches on... gulp.

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