Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Walls, lamp posts and a spare layout

The last couple of weeks have been pretty traumatic and busy by about equal measures meaning railway modelling was the last thing on my mind, however things are starting to settle down and I had a day off yesterday so managed to find some time to do a few jobs.

The first thing I did was to tidy up the woodwork and trackwork on my 'test track'. It is a piece of furniture board with some spare bits of track nailed to it. I decided to add some sidings and have a roundy-roundy layout to play with.

It has quite tight curves so will be ideal for my steam tram and some of the smaller locos and stock I have. The TU-Koppel A which I ordered from Plaza Japan arrived today so something very small running on that will be suitable too.

On the main layout I spent a happy hour or two gluing down the Skaledale walls, they now need filling and painting.

Some cows are also lurking in the field
Hole have been drilled for the DCC concepts lamp posts and in the evening I gave them a basic paint.

The only structure left to build for Blackhill is a water crane for the 'up' platform as the water tower is on the down line... doh.

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