Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Back in black

I added some more details to Eigiau and was happy with the result, so next comes the spoiling by painting phase...

All over black, how hard can it be? Actually it turned out to be a bit tricky. I used a can of matt black spray paint which was not the best quality and turned out to be a bit on the thick side so some of the smaller detail has been obliterated, like the tiny brass wheels on the clack valves. Its not too bad though and having picked out the smokebox in a different black acrylic and the buffer beams in red it looked pretty good.

I've also added the nameplates which are the usual Narrow Planet standard. Just after the glue and the paint set I got a message noting that the plates were aluminium and painted pale blue like the lining. Doh.

The lining seems not to have been standard Penrhyn red, blue and grey but just the blue. This is good news for me as it makes attempting it less scary. However it is a tiny loco and the lining will be very tricky to execute. It will be quite heavily weathered which will cover up a multitude of sins... hopefully.

It just need the PQR couplers from RT models to arrive and be fitted and then it is nearly done.

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