Sunday 7 December 2014

Jung at heart

Another busy week sees very little going on down on the Isle of Stoner but I did get a couple of hours to start work on my new Rushby Resin Jung diesel. I got a chassis last weekend at Rainhill and promptly ordered a kit. this arrived with the usual promptness from sunny Corris.

The first stage is to remove the extra bit of resin casting which you can see sitting next to the body in the picture above. Then I opened up the doors and windows. Unfortunately I slipped with the knife and went clean through the roof but a quick drop of superglue and all was well.

It is a very simple kit, which suits my simple nature but results in a very nice looking little loco. The chassis will need a resistor inserting to get the speed down but that is the only modification that it needs so I shouldn't be able to bugger it up.


 I have added some weight at both ends of the loco as it is very light without this. To disguise the lump of whitemetal in the rear bit I've enclosed it behind some styrene. I'll add a little seat and a brake wheel which along with a driver should be adequate disguise for the mechanism. A cab floor wouldn't go amiss either.


Mick Thornton said...

Nice little loco John. How does it compare with the Ruston LA/LB that you have? Any chance of a photo with the two together?


Lord Stoner said...

I'll find it and post a comparison. The Jung is a bit bigger, probably about a third bigger all round.