Friday, 24 April 2015

Spray paint

Finally I've had some time off which I could do some modelling in. So what did I do? Well now... I started work on the new CWR Fletcher Jennings loco. It's coming on very well, I've added some bibs and bobs such as injectors and so on.

I got this one cheap from Chris as it needed a bit of filling

Details added and a waft of primer

I nicked the RT models Penrhyn couplings off Lady

Because I have no patience I stole the couplings from Lady to add to the new loco and I've added a spare set of Narrow Planet couplings to Lady which actually suit her better. I've got some new couplers ordered from Mr T but my guess is that I'll build some more locos.

At the 009 show I bought 2 Lilliput tram coaches which I intended to convert: one to a powered tram with a KATO chassis and one as a trailer. I also bought 2 sets of Narrow Planet Egger balcony ends to add to them, so far I've only done the trailer.

The other thing I acquired at the exhibition was a small wagon printed in ABS by TeeBee. He gave it to me to try out and so I have.

It is ABS so acetone is the solvent rather than the usual MEK. The kit comes as a chassis, a floor and four sides, they all needed very little cleaning up and it went together easily. The ABS is fragile as I found out when I tried to cut a groove in the buffer beam to fit a coupling. Fortunately a splosh of acetone and all was well. It has made up into a nice little wagon, a squirt of primer tomorrow and the I can paint it.

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