Sunday 26 April 2015


Having a good weekend for modelling and as a result I've pretty much finished the new loco from CWR. It really only awaits plates and a little weathering. It will be named Titania and it's place in the history of the IoSR is that of first 'proper' locomotive after the DeWinton and Poppy the little 0-4-0 on the Japanese chassis.

As you can see I opted for snot green as a livery, this being early Stoner loco livery. As it isn't an exact copy of Townsend Hook I haven't worried too much about accuracy. From pictures I've seen it would appear that the Hull Red of the main IoSR fleet would probably have suited quite well too but i couldn't get the lid off that paint. I'm very pleased with how my latest loco has come out and I suspect that we may see quite a few of these little babies starting to appear.

The other green project which I've nearly completed is the modified Lilliput coach. This I am not quite as happy with. The new NP etched balcony ends are great but having done all the hard work and got it to the primer stage I thought 'I'll get a can of spray paint to make the finish look good'. I bought a can of spray green from The range and gave it a coat and it has come out almost grainy, I've managed to make it look like its a 3D print! I won't be using that paint again.

I've also painted the little TeeBee wagon which has come out rather nicely. I might have to get a few more.

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