Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wood work...

Last episode I was ripping things apart and contemplating a new era. Well, that new era has begun.

After a visit to B&Q for the timber I set about rendering it into either kindling or the next bit of layout.

The plan is to have the shelf board hang lower that the two end boards so that I can have scenery below track level for a more realistic look. After much head scratching the plan (at the moment but subject to total change) is that the new bit will be a section of line running along the coast, the beach will slope down to the back from the track bed. I want to show the islandy look of the scenery.

I had contemplated putting a passing loop on here for more trains per square inch but it would take up too much room and I just want to have some countryside to let the train wander along in. There will be a halt with a single lamp post and maybe a little ramshackle shelter. On the viewing side of the line will just be fields with some cows in. Simples.

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