Saturday, 30 January 2016

Colour and texture

Because I'm up against it time wise I've been cracking on with getting the layout advanced so I've been splashing paint and glue about over the last couple of days.

The first area to start looking as I have envisaged is the bit between the railway and the fishermen's cottage. The beach is probably the trickiest bit to get right so I started there by gluing down a layer of chinchilla dust and then adding areas of larger size sand and O gauge ballast.

This evening I made a start on adding some greenery and some other more subtle painted colours on the track and so on. The only bit of plaster white left is the road in front of the pub which will get a cobbled surface made with DAS clay.

The halt has gained a gravelled platform surface and the edging stones have been whitewashed. All in all not bad but plenty more to do.

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