Thursday 4 February 2016

Mr Blue sky

Since my last post I've been as busy as time would allow and the scenery is making good progress. One major item ticked off temporarily at least is the backscene. I found a big blue sky with clouds paper in the Faller range and having purchased some Deluxe materials backscene glue I went ahead and stuck it onto the mdf as instructed. It said not to worry if the paper bubbled up a bit as it would flatten out as it dried. Well it hasn't. I have enough paper to try a second go but I can't see why it should be any better a second time.

Anyway apart from the partial completion of the sky I've been beavering away on the rest of the scenic work with assorted green stuff and paint and PVA.
The 'Burning Bush' pub now has a nice garden and the road outside has rough setts courtesy of DAS clay and some styrene section which I used to create the texture.

Another arrival on the Island is the new Bachmann Skarloey. For the time being I will leave it in Thomas condition but eventually I will convert it to a proper Talyllyn No 1. It is a cracking runner and  might entertain at the forth coming exhibition.

Still plenty to do but I'm now confident that it will be as ready as it needs to be for Llanberis, I'm looking forward to the show. Might be a bit of a slog as I've never done a 3 dayer before.

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