Friday, 24 May 2019

It's a signal

This week has been about details, for the most part. Details and playing trains.

The inspection saloon and its loco came out and proved beyond doubt that it doesn't run, a project to repair it beckons.

The two Baldwins both at Underhill, an unusual occurrence.

The starter signal has had a ladder and platform added making it look more 4mm scale than 2.

I found the home signal and installed that too, neither are wired in but I also suspect that neither of them works properly either.

I repainted the Oxford diecast 2cv from a coke branded model to look like the one I used to own. I called it Deidre because of the number plate (can't remember it now), My then girlfriend called it Dreary.

Several small things have happened at Rock Beach. Firstly I made a style out of rail and microstrip so that the lighthouse keepers can get to the halt and more importantly the pub.

The other work has been tarting up the warehouse building which came from the original Underhill board. I'm glad to have reused it as it is a scratch built one.

Mostly small tweaks and 'testing'.
Just as I was tying a small parcel arrived from Shapeways. Contained within is a print for a small Kerr Stuart type loco to fit on a Fleischmann 7000 chassis. I saw Boghopper of the NGRM Forum had one in the process of completion and was inspired to give it a go. I have a chassis waiting for it somewhere, so nothing to loose.

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