Saturday, 18 May 2019

Playing trains

Since I got the basic scenery finished and had a jolly good clear up and hoover of all the surplus scenic bits and static grass which hadn't stuck etc etc. I've really only been doing a few bits of detailing to the layout. However, I've found plenty of time to try out various train formations and so have mostly been playing trains. Excellent fun.

One thing I have done, is to start installing some signals. I'm not good with signalling but I do like the look of semaphore signals and have had a few Dapol n gauge GWR ones in store for ages. I can only find one at the moment so I've made a start with a starter for Underhill Town. It meant moving the signal box and removing the water tower. This left the wall behind showing up it's unpainted state so I had to blend in the stone work with the already painted areas.

It isn't wired in yet and needs a 4mm scale signal ladder etc but I think it looks the part.

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