Tuesday 15 March 2016

Fiddling while something something

Today I tackled laying the track on the new fiddle yard. I don't especially enjoy track laying but it seemed to go well and as it doesn't have to look great it came out quite well.

The old fiddle cupboard with track removed.

PCB sleepers Araldited for the baseboard join.

Progress being made

Track laying complete

I finished the track laying and now all that remains is to wire it up. The points will be manually controlled at least at first. I may add motors later but I suspect it won't be necessary. The isolating sections will have a switch mounted alongside them to keep wiring to a minimum and make it simple to understand. The only slightly tricky bit is the join between the baseboards, I think I have a locking 4 pin XLR connector which should do the trick.

I revamped the lighthouse too

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