Thursday 28 July 2016

Board meeting

I've started work in earnest on Underhill Town. The baseboard is complete apart from the back scene supports but those are in hand. I also need to construct one more set of trestle legs.

It rests on the end of the quarry board with a single 2x2 leg and one of my standard trestles

The track plan was in my head but has now been transferred to the real world by laying out the track on the board and I'm pleased to say that it will nearly all fit as I hoped. The only facility I've had to scrap is a bay platform as the board isn't wide enough. I have all the track in hand except two pairs of left hand points. I also have all the electrics available; this board will have it's own controller so that a second operator could control the station if one was available. It also opens up the possibility of using Underhill Town on it's own with just a fiddle yard attached.
 The town is raised above baseboard level by a couple of inches at the back and slightly lower at the front, this will slightly obscure the railway from the end on viewing position as intended. It will also be viewable from the long edge of the board in exhibitions where there is space for this.

The left hand end
The right hand end
It's all still to do but I'm happier that it can be done in the time frame, i.e. by the 20th of August...

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