Wednesday 5 October 2016

Wigan Pier

The dust has settled and the layout is where it got plonked when I took it out of the 'van from hell'. Wigan show was great fun and I was very happy with how the layout behaved and the response from the public which was very positive. I think Underhill Town showed itself off in a good light.

All set up on Friday afternoon

I also had an F&WHR stand with me
The 009 Society had a good presence and as well as my layout there was Aldbourne which is very classy and Stan and Roger's two small roundy roundies in addition to the society showcases and demonstrations by Charlie and David. I couldn't have managed without their assistance either getting in or out and starring in the without whom category was Alan who operated Underhill better than me while I was swanning about.
Alan also had this rather lovely Paul Windle built Mallet with him

The repairs to the point motors were a mixed bag, fortunately the king point motor functioned faultlessly, however the goods siding one was still intermittent in one direction; I suspect that the switch may be faulty but without some major layout surgery I can't change it.

Just before the show we had our delivery of the new PECO rugga skips which ran up and down through the show, unfortunately I hadn't had time to weather them before leaving for 'up North' but I spent a happy hour last night sploshing some filth onto them. Three are grey and three brown but even I can't tell which is which now except that I know the one with the grey load was a grey one.


Also just after I left for Wigan the next instalment of my article in Narrow Gauge World was published. Part three has just been sent.

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