Monday 3 September 2018

Fiddling while flux burns...

A very weak title, however I have now installed the old fiddle yard board and re arranged the track on it. I still need to do some wiring and the lighthouse board requires wiring up properly but fundamentally I have a whole train set. I feel some 'testing' is required.
Woodwork complete
The old track plan

The new track plan
In the relaying I've gained a long siding and lost the terrible join between the fiddle yard and the cheese factory board that is no more.
I think the next thing to do is to have a massive clear up of all the accumulated tools and clutter so that I can actually see what I'm up to and stop tripping over the piles of cack all over the garage.

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Mick Thornton said...

Well done John. Let the "testing" commence - have fun!