Sunday 30 June 2019


It has been a really busy time at work recently what with the opening of the new Caernarfon Station and then the Past, Present and Future gala. It was great to see cooperation between the two WHRs and long may it continue.
One bonus of the gala was that those lovely chaps from Narrow Planet were up for the weekend and after all the 12 inches to the foot fun was over they paid a visit to the Isle of Stoner and had fun playing trains then eating curry. They also donated one of their rather tidy GWR PECO GVT coaches to the fleet and it sits rather nicely with my blood and custard rake of the same.

The only modelling I've found any time for has been to paint the Crossley in readiness for Lord and Lady Stoner to take to the roads of the fair isle. I think it looks rather smart but I haven't worked out where to plant it on the layout yet.

There were two stars of the gala and one of them was Hunslet 1215 the recently restored WD loco. It is a handsome beast and I hope we get the chance to have it visit again; it made an interesting contrast with Russell. The family resemblance is clear when you look at them together. What it made me think of was the IoSR's very own Doris, a cut down version of the Langley kit for 1215.

One thing I have done is to build a stock shelf to sit above the fiddle yard. This was something I'd been toying with but one of the Narrow lads said it was urgently needed to help sort out the clutter; so here it is. The clutter is now slightly higher up and will, I dare say, allow more low level clutter to build up on the fiddle yard.

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