Sunday 8 March 2020

All quiet in the garage

I haven't done much actual modelling recently, but I have had a rummage in the stock boxes and tried out a few older things. This is the lighthouse resupply train with Sphinx the Kerr Stuart in the lighthouse siding.

The diesel bowser and ash v tip now have a length of jubilee track to sit on, made out of styrene strip.

The name plates arrived for Eva the Baldwin but still no one has bothered to give the loco a clean.

Arnold Lane Wharf and I spent three chilly days in the Slate Quarry Museum. Lots of families but really three days is two too many with this layout. All went ok though.

During the trying out phase I've had the NP 0-6-0 Bagnall out. It has never run properly and I think the problem is a quartering issue, I've improved it but it still isn't quite right.

People always wave at trains.

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