Sunday, 19 February 2012

Steam Tram

You know how it is, I've got a layout to build, 0-8-0 Hunslet to finish, carriage to finish, various other projects to finish etc etc. So I build a steam tram instead. I convinced myself that it was an unfinished project... well i did have all the bits and it was something I'd been meaning to do for a while. I started a similar thing when I intended to have the overhead electric branch, I would have finished it but it didn't go round the corners, now I've eased the corners this one will fit however it needed to be diesel or steam powered. Steam is nicer.

The main body is a Parkside Dundas VoR carriage chopped about and mounted on a KATO chassis. I can't remember the serial number but it is a powered coach from a Japanese modern train. The chassis is very flat, having a motor with flywheel in the middle and both bogies driven by flexible shafts, it runs very smoothly.

The locomotive is a selection of bits from the big box of stuff with a biro for the boiler barrel with some Evergreen strip making the firebox.

The roof is made from 2mm Evergreen sheet and various sizes of strips. It is laminated and forms a pretty stiff structure which fits snugly inside the top of the tram. I've left a hole for the loco fittings as it seemed easier than drilling holes which would inevitably end up in the wrong place.

The sides of the roof will have either adverts or the railway name on them. Spoiling by painting next, then I can add people and stick the roof in place. I'm pleased with it so far but of course there is plenty of time to spoil it yet.

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  1. A beautifully built piece of self-propelled whimsy there, your Lordship.