Sunday 26 February 2012

Painted Tram

The last couple of evenings have seen the paint brushes hard at work on the driving trailer and it is pretty much finished. There are still some touching up bits to do but I'm pretty happy with it. I haven't worked out a coupling for them yet as the buffers are purely decorative, I think they are Mikes models Talyllyn coach mouldings. Both Nursie and Queenie my two railcar sets have a similar arrangement and are linked with a length of stiff wire which pivots on both vehicles. Pulling is no problem and because the wire is stiff pushing is fine too, they are both quite light though so this may present more problems.

I've been designing a portable layout for them to run on too, nothing huge but something I can use at exhibitions and to play with in the house. It will be the Underhill branch terminus of the Northern line on the Island which the trams were designed to serve. I'm looking at two boards which will fit in the back of the Focus and form a self protecting box for travelling. It will be an L shape with the main station and the 'Town Quarry'  on one board and some countryside and the fiddle yard on another. the plan is to keep it simple but to be varied enough to keep operation interesting.

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