Monday 20 February 2012

Painted Tram

The tram is pretty much finished, the roof is still loose but is a reasonably good fit so I may leave it like that for now. I may paint the boiler barrel as it does vanish rather with the lid on.

The name on the roof was made in Publisher and printed out, cut to shape and stuck on with PVA. It has been pointed out that this is only a single ended unit and so will need turntables or a driving trailer to pair it... I do have another VoR kit and some other bits and bobs so I suspect that this may come to pass. Which has the effect of finishing one project from the pile and adding another to it. Lucky I like building trains.

I want to add some works plates so a missive to Narrow Planet is in order, it also needs a slight bit of tarting up of the roof paint but I've run out of Bleached Bone. It will also need some weathering on the roof and I know somewhere I have a turned brass whistle to mount on it somewhere, maybe some more pipes in the loco bay and some coal and a water filler.

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