Thursday, 9 May 2013

Coach and horse power

Some pictures of the Pickering brake coach on which I made some progress yesterday. It seems that the NWNGR ones didn't arrive until 1907 so as a companion for Beddgelert it is useless as Beddgelert was scrapped in 1906... ahem, sold to the IoSR I mean. Nice coach anyway and it sits well with my VoR bashes and so will be about right to go with the PECO L&B stock.

 The lid isn't stuck on yet as the inside needs paint and people and glazing first.

I've spent all this morning working on the RT models Drewry DM and after a bit of a false start on the top handrails, I'm happy with the look of it. I made a complete mess of the handrails so ripped them all off and filled in the holes. Starting again I've done something which looks ok but which is not quite prototypical but as this is one made for the IoSR its fine.

The chassis runs very nicely so I'm going to leave the jackshaft modification in the box and may revisit it another time.

There are a few details left to add but it is fundamentally ready for the spoiling by paint phase. I think I'll add this and the pickering to the list of things to be spray painted, at least with primer.

I've got a few other things which need the attention of the paint brush so I might have a crack at those tonight. Namely the PQR coach and the Rushby Resin bodge.

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