Tuesday 14 May 2013

Locos and more locos...

I'm a bad person, I know I am. I've had a couple of days off and Mrs Lady Stoner is away so I've been playing trains in the living room and not had to clear up my mess.

Having decided to finish something before starting another I started something else.. doh. While I was enjoying making my new big diesel from Mr Ts excellent kit for a Drewry I thought maybe I should grasp the nettle and keep the soldering iron out and have a go at the A1 models Kerr Stuart which has been lurking in the drawer for a while. I have to say that both have come out pretty well so far. The KS needs a bit of cleaning up but the Drewry looks fab.

I've also been brave and had a go with the spray can of primer I bought a while ago. I think I've got the hang of it now; less is more. Flushed with success on the diesels I've also sprayed Beddgelert and the NWNG coach. The loco looks good however the primer shows up a couple of places where it needs a spot more filler here and there.

So I had somewhere to test the new locos I dusted off Arnold Lane Wharf which is where the above pics were taken. I've had some fun playing trains too, I'd forgotten what fun it is shunting little trains back and forwards.

One other thing I've been doing is once again having a go at sorting out Blower, my GEM Dennis bash. It is one of those locos which has never been quite right, it has been the subject of cat attention twice which mashed and bent it before it was even painted and then again after I'd sorted it out and painted it... Anyway, then I fitted a GF 08 chassis with a pony truck at the rear making it an 0-6-2 but it never looker right without cylinders on the outside so I've started to attempt to fit a set of Mr Ts including the frame casting from one of his diesel kits. Turning out to be bloody fiddly but the look is improved already and I shall persist.

Continuing my pledge to get shot of a loco everytime I build a new one, I've put my Liliput 4 wheel diesel and my Eggerbahn railcar on evilbay. I've also listed my daughters Egger Western loco and coaches as she has decided that having a 009 layout is not a cool thing for a teenage girl... fair enough. She was very nice about it, not wanting to hurt my feelings but as soon as I mentioned that there might be a few quid in it for her she perked up.

 Some evidence of playing trains.

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