Saturday 25 May 2013

Red loco

I haven't had much time to do any modelling this week, too busy with the real thing but I did get the painting on the new diesel more or less finished. The cab roof needs another coat and then the whole ting needs a dose of weathering; I'm not going to go mad but it needs enough to look used.

I also noticed when I took the picture that I haven't fitted any pipes out of the sanders yet so the sand will just go on the ballast. It runs very well and so my decision not to mess with the chassis to add the jackshaft was a good one.

Next, I'm hoping to get the other 08 chassis under Blower working properly with its new cylinders and rods. Fiddly but worth the bother I hope.

I've had Arnold Lane Wharf out to play with so here a couple of not very well lit/focused pics.

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