Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Oh no... another loco build

I've had a frantic weekend at work chasing many steam trains around 40 miles of railway with a camera, anyhow, during this time the Porthmadog Model Railway exhibition was on which I attended very briefly. It was nice to see some quality 009 there and a good variety of other stuff too. One of the traders had a Graham Farish 08 for sale which I haggled him down to £60: bargain. I've had a need for a couple of these for a while as I've had a RT models Peckett and also one of his big diesels. I decided that the diesel would be easier and I could make it more straightforwardly as the Peckett will need shortening to cope with the IoSRs curves.

I've put together most of the whitemetal parts and the brass buffer beams, including pushing the rivets through. It has gone together well and I think it will look very nice. I'm off again tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to solder the cab together and do all the handrails which are such a prominent feature.

The other thing I did today was to progress the PD NWNGR Pickering brake coach a bit further. I've added an interior from styrene and some left over VoR coach seats. I cut each seat into unequal parts of 2 and 3 planks then glued them into an L shaped seat which I then glued onto the compartment divides, they look quite good. I don't really know how the layout in the Guards compartment worked. From what I can see there was a partition between the end section with the windows and the van part so I've added one but I'm not clear where the doors to the van area were. More research needed.

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