Thursday, 30 May 2013

One door opens...

I finally got some time to do a bit of modelling today and so I painted the new Kerr Stuart diesel. I had spray painted it with primer which showed up a couple of bits of soldering which needed tidying up which I did yesterday with a quick bit of filing. I re sprayed the primer yesterday also which gave a better coverage than my first attempt.

This is both the new diesels sitting together on the wharf. They both need some weathering but both run very nicely which is pleasing. A new loco in means another has to go, sniff, snivel. So which loco is up for sale? After some soul searching I decided that I never use my Stenning Corris loco so onto eBay she goes. Hopefully someone will like the look of it, it has a very smooth Fleischmann chassis and is a pretty nice loco.

I had a bit of a fiddle with the GEM Dennis cross breed chassis and it jerked along for a while before ripping one of the cylinders off. Back to the drawing board. I won't be beaten... probably.

I had a trip round Llechwedd slate caverns today which was OK. My daughter loves it and we can't go often enough as far as she is concerned. I had the chance to check out the slate wagons 'preserved' on the site. Mostly they are not very remarkable but they do have the rotting remains of the only existing LNWR 2ft gauge coal wagon. There is also a short wheel base gunpowder wagon which must have been fiddled with at some point as it has a GWR slate wagon chassis.

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