Monday, 21 October 2013

Port Lucy - Phase 1

I've been doodling plans and having day dreams about getting round to building the second terminus of the IoSR for a couple of years and by way of avoiding finishing anything else I've actually cut the first sod for Port Lucy.

Despite all the planning and ideas I knew that the only way I'd make any headway was to cut out the baseboard to size and lay out some points and buildings. As ever I had been over enthusiastic about what could be done in the space available but I think that by making the station bend round I've ended up with a better looking layout and still fitted everything in that I wanted to.

Last evening I have been continuing work on the Goods warehouse which I got for Xmas last year. It had been intended for the other end of the line in St Ruth but it never fitted in, however it is just the job for Port Lucy.

Rough track plan with some buildings plonked on

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