Tuesday 1 October 2013

Not going to the convention

Well, I hope everyone had a nice time at the 009 society convention, unfortunately due to a previous family commitment and work pressure I couldn't go, not that I'm bitter. I am actually.

Anyway while everyone else was having fun I did grab a few minutes to do some modelling and continued working on Burnmouth. It has now had coal rails, a coat of primer and a nice GWR whistle fitted. I used some Maskol on the handrails and the brass safety valve cover. The purple gunky stuff had been lurking, untried in my workshop for ages, like the airbrush. It strikes me that it is Copydex with some colouring in it. Anyway the results are fine, it needs another waft over with primer and then I can spoil it properly with paint. I think I'm going to go for IoSR loco livery, Hull Red but I may need to try out the lurking airbrush. I'll try it on something else first though.


In the background of the second picture you can see the other thing I've done which is to give Nursie a proper chimney and a bit of a spruce up. I've been meaning to change the chimney for ages and I came across just the right one while looking for something else.

One other project occupied a part of yesterday evening which was working out why one of the point motors had given up working in one direction. I finally tracked it down to a wire having been pulled off the motor itself, unfortunately this meant having to disassemble the building with it in which took not a little brute force. However, wire re soldered and point motor working again the building went back together without too much distress, I may make a new roof for it though as I don't really like the Wills moulded one.

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