Wednesday 9 October 2013

Plates of delight

I am delighted to say that the name and works plates arrived from Narrow Planet today and they are as splendid as ever. This evening Lucy and Burnmouth are no longer anonymous.

They both now need a coat of matt or satin varnish, I'm never sure which is best. My daughter said that Lucy being all shiny was nice and that I shouldn't do anything and I know what she means but varnish I will.

Lucy has also now got glazed spectacles at the front and a representation of the sliding rear ca windows as fitted to WLR no14. Thanks to Andrew Charman for the picture confirming that detail. All that remains after the varnish is a set of cab hand rails and one on front of the smokebox.
Burnmouth is pretty much complete, I may add a reversing lever rod to fill out the footplate a little, maybe not.

A little shunting down on the wharf

A while ago a noticed a new little chassis on the Plaza Japan eBay site and took a punt on one as it was only about 25 quid delivered from Japan. It is a funny little thing quite long and low; I had no idea what to do with it at first but I was bored over the weekend (X Factory on the tv!) so I doodled an inspection car onto it using bits and bobs from the big box of bits. I added a resistor to the chassis as its only a 3 or 4 volt motor too.

It has a Hudson Hunslet radiator and some A1 models brass grills, a PD FR van 10 end and a whitemetal cast platform seat. Odd looking thing.

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