Thursday, 29 May 2014


Today I was off work and after doing my chores etc I decided that I'd construct the station building for Blackhill. I did a plan a while ago based on the original station building at Dduallt on the FR. There are only a couple of pictures of the building so my version is very much a 'based on' rather than a scale model. In my plan there were two smaller windows on the front and a small window on the end with the porch bit, however when I came to make it I decided to use the doors and windows from the PECO set of station bits so I plumped for one larger window on the front and none on the end.

I also used the gutters and down pipes from this set. I find these gutters are the best of any I've found available and I've used them on loads of buildings. the roof is Wills sheet and the walls are Evergreen battened walling which is perfect.

Before I made the building, I went and had a good look at the station building at Tan y Bwlch to get an idea of how it might have looked which was helpful. The finials on the ends are whitemetal castings from Wizard Models I think.

This shows where it will be located, the only other thing needed for this station is a water tower for the top end. I guess while I'm doing cod FR then something like the original TYB tank is what is needed. I'll do some research and see what I can come up with.

After a waft of primer

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