Tuesday 27 May 2014

More wire

Spent a short while in the garage tonight and got a bit more of the wiring done so that the whole thing now works. To make sure of this I spent most of the time testing with trains... well playing really. Mostly it seems pretty good.
A bit of soldering

The control panel seems to be pretty succesful and even though I haven't wired a CPU into the points they still change very positively so I may not bother, as its expensive for just two points. I'll carry on playing and see how it goes.

Trains passing
I've decided to call this station Black Hill which is the translation of Dduallt. It doesn't look like the station but I have a plan to make a model of the old wooden building, or at least what I can make out from the few pictures of it. I made a plan and bought the Evergreen styrene sheet which looked like it would be about right for the outer cladding. It shouldn't be too hard as its only a shed really.

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