Wednesday 28 May 2014

Carriage of delight

I was supposed to take my daughter to work today... which I did but then she was ill so home we came again. This turned out to be a mixed blessing in that she felt poorly (nothing earth shattering) but I also ended up sat at home when I should have been selling stuff to tourists. So, while not selling stuff to tourists I decided to finish off my new Five79 Innisfail coach. It needed people, glazing and a roof and this it duly received.

While I was in the mood for doing transfers I also did a couple of coaches that have slipped through the net.

This evening I made a little W^D models two plank wagon,  fiddly but very nice in the end. I had a visitation from Mr W^D at work the other week so now we have a selection of W^D kits for sale and I have some more kits to build. I bought the two planks but Barry also donated Lord Stoner a very fine motor car and some other nice things which will appear in the fullness of time. Pics to follow.

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