Tuesday, 17 June 2014


After a hectic weekend of mostly driving to Surrey and back I had a chance to do a bit of modelling yesterday afternoon. I decided that on the new Lucy the 3D printed safety valve cover was always going to annoy me so I cut it off and replaced it with a whitemetal one. This involved some touching up of the paint and rewiring the chassis as I managed to bugger that up in the process.

While I was feeling brave with the soldering iron I decided to have a go at getting the long languishing Beddgelert up and runningI've been getting it finished off with a mind to selling this along with the old Lucy, now Angetha. I'm overwhelmed with expenses at the moment so need to make some cash, this was what the new Lucy was supposed to be for but I like it better than the old one which is anyway too long to use on my silly curves without some work.

The last thing I got time to do was to add a first coat of paint to my Skylark, I've plumped for a pale green which so far rather suits her. Hopefully I may get a chance to get another coat on this evening but I have a feeling Mr Tesco is beckoning me.

The observant will notice a missing cab step on the right hand side facing forward, not sure where that went but I'll knock something up out of styrene.

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