Thursday 5 June 2014

Wider still and wider...

Ok, I admit it, I didn't fool myself with the mock historical reasoning for having a stupidly small loco shed doorway.  So this evening I widened it which caused a bit of plastic distress but the great thing about styrene is that you can break it, cut it, get out the MEK and weld it all back together, good as new.

The other project for tonight was to add some detail to the Skylark; namely an operating rod for the sand pot, a couple of handrail knobs on the water fillers and a better set of smokebox door handles. I can't remember where they came from but they were a bit long so I chopped them shorter. They make a real difference.

Trickiest job of the night was drilling out the top of the chimney, I started with a little hole and widened it out but as ever I was slightly off centre, I got it looking OK in the end.

I ordered name and works plates from trusty Narrow Planet which will be the finishing touch once I've spoiled the loco with some paint. Not sure of a colour yet.

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