Monday 2 June 2014

Paint and glue

With Mrs Lord Stoner away on business last night I got stuck in with the paints and glue which resulted in getting the station building painted and weathered. Its ended up looking quite tatty which was what I intended.

Between colours I continued with the Port Lucy loco shed, I added a few courses of stone to give some more height. What I didn't do was to widen the doorway so there will be a loco restriction, the story being that it was built for the original locos these being a little DeWinton coffee pot and my England alike Nancy. Most of the smaller locos will fit anyway and it will only house the station shunter and whatever loco is on the Underhill branch service.

The steps up to the porch lead to a platform inside which is at footplate level for crew convenience. If I'd used my loaf I would have built it at ground level but it makes a nice feature as it is. Some paint next. The one at St Ruth has a fancy barge board but as I haven't got any more this one will have to manage without for now.

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