Friday, 13 June 2014

Oops, I did it again...

I seem to have inadvertently made another loco. The thing is I meant to make it to sell to raise some cash as I am, as ever, skint. The problem is I really like how it turned out... I've decided to keep this one and to sell on another one.

Its a Chris Ward printed body on an outside framed GF 08 which is the perfect fit. The only change to the body to suit the chassis is to lower the couplings slightly as the the 08 complete with frames makes the body higher than the intended KATO job. I've spray painted the main colour but ran out in the middle of getting a good cover. After a trip back to Halfords I touched it up with a brush having squirted some paint into the lid of the spray can. It worked quite well and has actually given the loco some character making it look slightly as though some dodgy rusty bits have been repaired and painted over.

These pictures show it with the new Skylark which has taken a back seat for the moment as I'm still deciding what colour to go with.

Added bits to Lucy are Markits whistle, smokebox door handles, and the usual PD vac pipes and jewelled headlamps. There is also a Preiser crew on board. The name has been robbed from the big Hunslet previously of this name. I suspect that this will be the loco to sell as it is really well made on a great chassis but is too long for my curves... Doh!

Off to the big smoke for a wedding this weekend so no toy trains for me.

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