Monday, 5 January 2015

Dirty looking loco

I wasn't supposed to be at home today but due to a suspension issue on Mrs Lord Stoner's car I ended up hanging around waiting for the garage chaps to arrive. While I waited I finished off the weathering on Eigiau. Last night I dry brushed some rust and general dirt on and then today I finished it off with some rusty patches of weathering powder. I'm really happy with the look I've ended up with.

Finishing touches were glazing for the cab windows. I used clear styrene and stuck it inside with glue and glaze as it sets clear so if you get it on the glazing its fine. Just as well because I did.

The other thing I did was sketch the layout I had the dream about. Its only a pencil sketch but I think it gives the general idea. I'm quite excited at the prospect of building a layout deliberately rather than the usual random process.

The plan shows that the line has steep gradients and sharp curves... sounds familiar. Another feature I've copied from StRuth is using a switch back to gain height. This time there is a run round at the switch point so that a loco can stay at the front of the tourist train.

Thinking about operating this plan I'm wondering about adding a carriage shed to the siding on the top level, this would disguise an exit to a siding 'round the back' to allow discreet train changes without the hand of god approach. Hmm.

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