Sunday, 4 January 2015

I have (well had) a dream

The other night I was asleep in bed, as is my habit when I had a dream about a new layout. I've never dreamed a track plan before. In fact, I can't remember ever having a model railway based dream since I was at skool and then only once. ( I was declining Latin whilst marching in front of my (lady) Latin teacher and a legion of centurions. We came out of the tunnel marching in time to the Latin). Anyway...

The dream I had was for a layout of an industrial line, some sort of sand or gravel pit which has been preserved and has had a passenger tourist function added. It is an end to end layout on two boards with a pit and run round loop on one and a station and sheds on the other. As I woke up I added a tippler siding too. The idea was I could use my smaller industrial locos and skips on it. A bit of a weird way to plan a layout but if Paul McCartney can dream songs, why not. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, I haven't found time to do much in my waking life but I have done a little detail painting and added a crew to hide the motor of Eigiau. I'm still wondering what I can do to the chassis without buggering it up to add a couple of bits of motion which seem to be there on the real thing. The windows could do with glazing but I'm not sure my usual glue and glaze is up to the job. Next thing is lining... I've got some Pressfix of the correct colour but I'm not convinced that I can do it without making it dreadful so I may just weather it and leave it at that.

Nameplates now changed to blue - looks nice

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