Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pictures this time

I didn't fancy the antarctic realm in the garage tonight so I sorted out the coupling height on Grace Alice. Once I'd done that I had a rummage in the loco box and picked out a couple that needed some work doing.

Firstly I picked on Lord Stoner. It is a Langley WD Hunslet bashed onto a Fleischmann 0-8-0 chassis, it runs well but there are things about it which I've never been happy with. One of these was the chimney as when I made it I hadn't drilled it out so this I duly did. It still isn't 'right' but at least the smoke can escape now.

The other loco which ended up with some slightly more effective surgery was Burnmouth. The first mod was to change the couplings for another set of Mr Ts flexible couplings. These looked good but the rear set overhung the bottom of the buffer beam so next I extended it with a spare bit of whitemetal.

Before surgery

Originally I had used an N gauge GWR safety valve cover which I was never really happy with so off it came and I replaced it with a lovely brass casting I got a Warley. Unfortunately I can't remember who from. This meant I needed to move the whistle so I mounted that on the side of the dome and added a pipe to it. With a few paint touch ups to finish off I now have a loco which I am much happier with.

I also weathered the two RT models Dinorwig slate wagons which I had made and painted and then mislaid. They were in a box with a loco.


  1. Nice work John. Burnmouth looks much better now without the GWR milk churn. Interesting that you think that the shortened Hunslet doesn't "look right". I have always thought that the thin chimney (Barclay?) is "wrong" for this loco and it would look much better with a fatter one such as the original kit Hunslet or perhaps even a Varikit one? Just a thought. Keep up the good work please, it is all very inspirational!


    1. Ta. I think it might need a whole new boiler. Not sure it would make enough steam to go very far. I think it's a whole Douglas boiler and fittings. Watch this space.

      Glad you like Burnmouth. I'm amazed the different bits have made. It's a Farish 04 with a dummy front pony truck. Runs well and now looks better.