Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Board by the sea

I had to take a day off work today as the immersion heater had packed up but with an early start I got that sorted by 11.30 so I decided to crack on with the layout.
So the next phase is to add the replacement beach board, I've tried to find all sorts of ways to incorporate the original, exhibition unit but it is about a foot too long for the space available and it needs to go round a right angle bend to access the fiddle yard. I also needed to remove the sharp reverse curve that was hidden by the tunnel as it was too sharp for the L&B Manning Wardle. So out with the Dremmel and a hammer and it was demolition time. It always seems a bit radical and drastic to be chopping up scenery but I've got quite good at joining up the old and new bits. Fingers crossed anyway.

The hill as it was...

The hill as it is now

Next came my least favourite bit of layout building, the woodwork. I've been planning what to do for a while so it was just a question of chopping up some wood and screwing and gluing it into the vague shape I had in mind.

It all seems to have gone quite well and now I have a baseboard to play with. The beach will slope away to the back as before but there will be slightly less of it as the hill needs to continue and then turn into the beach.

Plan A was to have a passing loop at the end of the scenic section so that I could still operate the layout without the fiddle yard attached but this reduces the running line even further so I think this is going to get ditched. The halt will have a siding for the lighthouse though.

The new baseboard, quite exciting.

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