Sunday, 10 February 2019

Building a wall of my own

This week I've focussed on two projects, firstly I constructed a Ratio kit for a retaining wall and the over a couple of nights I painted it in the sort of Isle of Stoner rock colours.

The Wall

The Wall in place in Parrott Cutting

The other project was also fundamentally a painting job. My new 'blood and custard' carriages needed a brake van to finish off the rake. I'd originally planned to build a Dundas VoR van and indeed, I bought one, however I then took a better look at the PECO GVT van and decided that with a couple of bits of styrene to blank out the rear windows and some paint I could over come my dislike of it. So I did and I really like it now.

The completed rake

After a suggestion form Mick Thornton to add a black band I tried it out... not sure

With the new cutting wall ready I had no excuse for not getting on with the scenery. I put on an extra jumper and headed for the garage with some plaster bandage and some water.

An hour or so later the basic scenery was in place

I really enjoy this bit of layout building, next there will be some more filler to round out the scenery a little more. I had a little bit of bandage left so I started work on the other end of the quarry cutting.

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