Sunday 20 November 2011

Building buildings

The weekend has been a bit of mixed result on the modelling front. I've given the new signal box a garden and a window box so that the signalman has something to do between trains.

The greenery is a mixture of Busch and Auhagen, I'm looking forward to planting the box at the Junction.

The other, more major project was the extension to the Cheese factory. Previously it was on the edge of the layout so I assumed that there was some more factory 'off stage'. It will now be all visible so the rest had to be added; I've used a PIKO police station kit as the basis and added various other bits and bobs from my large collection of stuff that will come in handy one day.

New section is obviously not painted yet but is pretty much done. I also found a smoke unit so have stuck that in for a bit of fun.

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