Wednesday 16 November 2011

Work starts on rebuild

I've finally grasped the nettle and started work on the rebuilding of St Ruth. Having removed all the people, details and buildings from the area to be changed I've made a big enough mess that there is no going back.

The red lines indicate where the sidings will be cut to allow the platform roads to take a natural path around the branch line above. I've just laid some bits of track and some plasticard onto the layout to give the impression of what must be done.

Next phase is to remove the control panel umbilical cord. This will mean turning the layout on its back and unsoldering all fifty cores so that I can add a brand new control panel when the new work is done. I will be removing several points from the rear and relocating new ones on the extension board so the old panel which has been wrong from the start can be replaced.

When this is done I will have to trim the right hand back scene down so that it just becomes a former in the landscape, I predict this will be tricky as the only way I can think of doing it will be by using a jig saw.

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