Tuesday 12 February 2013

One step forward...

I've made some good progress this week getting the layout working and match fit. All the points now work nicely, I had a bit of a crisis with one which I managed to bugger up completely and had to remove the point blade, straighten it out and glue it back in. Fortunately I got it working ok as it would have been an absolute nightmare to replace; I would have to have hacked up the plaster ballast and probably all the surrounding track.

I have one problem remaining with the smooth running and that is the baseboard join. I thought I'd cracked it but every time I take it apart and re join it it doesn't line up properly. I spent some hours fannying about this evening but to no avail, I suspect that plan B will now have to come in to play... not sure what that is though.

On a more positive note, scenery is looking pretty good for the most part. I'm still not happy with the sky on the Three Bridges board but I don't really know what to do about it so I'll ignore it for now. I need a few more trees to hide some joins/finger prints.

I've added a small street sale and a statue with flower bed to Alma Street and it is looking nicely busy without being cluttered.

The ugly end bit between the boards where the lighting rig attaches now has a little quarter round shelf which screws on and the picture frame with the map of the island and some blurb about it will sit nicely on there.

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