Monday 4 February 2013

Small flowers make you go blind

I spent yesterday evening adding some more detail to Alma Street and also putting some filler under the buildings as the tiny gap was annoying me. It's a pet hate of mine to see floating buildings so it had to be sorted.

The flowers in the tubs and troughs are a mixture of Busch plastic flowers, which you have to actually make from the small parts, and some Silfor tufts. Not only are they fearsomly small and fiddly which gave me a head ache to see but I also ended up with more bits stuck to me than each other.

The other thing I did was to add a 'low bridge' road sign and some picket fence on the road side of the road bridge.


Iain Robinson said...

That's looking great. I have some Busch flowers, but haven't plucked up courage to use them, you are braver than me!

Lord Stoner said...

I did some of their tomatoes too, they were even sillier!