Friday 12 July 2013


I should give myself a good slapping. I know I'm doing it but still do it. What is the matter with me?

Why the crossness? I glued the skypaper on and overlaid the trees which I printed onto A3 paper having joined a couple of pictures together... It all went wrinkly and lumpy. I hoped it would flatten out when it dried, but no. Hence, bugger.

It will have to be stripped off and replaced; I've ordered some Gaugemaster sky paper which I haven't used before. I used wallpaper glue this time but it was worse than the spray mount I have used previously. I might try Uhu or bostik; I'll do a trial section first.

On a positive note, the enhanced size of the backing is good and the enhanced scenery is good so once I get the backscene right it should look good.

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