Wednesday 27 August 2014

Bridge over troubled styrene

Gave the new loco a final coat of hull red and touched up the other colours where I'd messed up. Looks the part now.

When you're building a loco you get the urge to build a bridge, well, I do. So I decided to start work on a foot over bridge which will work as a scenic break at the top of the big hill.

This is the steps on their own

It is vaguely based on the footbridges on the upper section of the FR. It has to be rather taller than the FR ones as it has to clear the Egger blue coach with the brake cabin.

This was the state of play at bed time. The steps are made from Evergreen strip chopped up with scissors. Using scissors gives the cut edge a rough edge not unlike the rough slate blocks of the prototype. I then made a solid shape with sheet styrene which I then covered with a laminate of Slater's stone sheet. The edging stones were cut from thicker styrene sheet and glued onto the top edges. The bridge bit is made from more Evergreen sheet with detail from strip.

I'll add handrails from brass rod, hopefully tonight...

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