Monday 25 August 2014

Straightish and redish

Been busy at work and at home so hadn't made much progress with Beckfoot but I have finally had the chance to get the body straight on the chassis. I still can't find a way to secure the two part together but it is now a reasonable interference fit so it will have to do.

I've also started painting it, I gave it another waft of primer to even out where I had added and changed bits and then I've given it one coat of Hull Red the standard IoSR loco livery. Another coat should even things out and then a bit of a tidy up of the other colours and it can enter service.

Name plates are on order from the ever fabulous Narrow Planet and a couple of bits and bobs like oil cans, dirt and crew will see a finished job. It will end up weathered as a pre preservation, working loco and I suspect will see plenty of service as it seems to have plenty of pulling power.

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