Saturday 15 August 2015


Having had this week off we've been having a holiday at home and going out and about North Wales as though we had gone on holiday which has been fun but has also meant not so much modelling time as I'd hoped for.

The roving round Wales lead at one point to the canal basin at Trevor where I found this track. I'm pretty sure it is not real Glyn Valley track but it shows willing. Last time I was there was 25 years or more ago on a gang boating holiday, nothing much had changed there but my life has moved on considerably.

Anyway, nostalgia notwithstanding, I've pretty much finished Pamela and I think she looks very good. I still can't get the chassis perfect but I'm sure she'll get better eventually.

The rear spectacles are open, I had some RT models etched brass bits which by lucky chance just fit in the hole in the casting. I can't work out how to glaze them so for now they can stay un-glazed.

This evening I set about refurbishing the lighting rig which had partly fallen to bits and partly been robbed for other projects. Two new 3 lamp fittings have done the job. I just need to tidy the wiring up a bit and make sure it is all PAT testable and the job is a good one. It has allowed me to take some better lit photos on the Three Bridges end.

The solitary passenger waits for a train to arrive

Blower and its train rolls in from the tunnel

The view from the headshunt of Eigiau simmering outside the cheese factory

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